Oriente 430 Building

Taller eme

Located at east of Mexico City, Oriente 430 Building consisted of rehabilitating an existing house as a recycling strategy that seeks to promote preservation as well as the generation of decent housing within a popular neighborhood of Mexico City as Agricola Oriental.

Oriente 430 大樓位於墨西哥城以東阿格裡科拉東方區,包括修復現有房屋,作為一種回收策略,旨在促進保護,以及在墨西哥城著名的社區建造像樣的住房。

The project has a constructed area of 375 m2 and is made up of six apartments, ranging from 38 to 70 m2, distributed in two blocks, separated by a core of vertical circulations that connects the apartments, and an interior patio that allows better ventilation and lighting within the complex.


We made the decision to organize the building in different typologies, to satisfy the diverse needs of the users.


Two apartments are distributed on two levels like townhouse style, where the social area is on the first level, while the private area is on a second level. The remaining four apartments are developed on one level.


One of the premises of the project was to respect the urban context of the area, getting as result, the creation of a sober but aesthetic façade, managing to preserve the privacy of the apartments.


Among the materials used in the project, the use of apparent concrete, steel, stone, among others materials, making a project that allows the least possible maintenance.



Project Information

Project Name: Oriente 430 Building

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Architect Office: Taller eme

Lead Architect:Arquitectos a Cargo: Eduardo Mendoza, Ramiro Mendoza

Completion Year: 2020


Photographer:Apertura Arquitectónica

Taller eme es una oficina de arquitectura establecida en Ciudad de México. Construir experiencias a través de estrategias de mejoramiento espacial que permitan un consciente entendimiento sobre como concebir espacios y lugares es un trabajo que se enfoca en nuestra oficina. La correcta adaptación y apropiación a contextos y cambios sociales permite que cada una de las etapas requeridas en nuestros proyectos, obtengan  el mejor alcance. Entender la arquitectura como un proceso colaborativo en el cual se conectan relaciones espaciales – personales logran darle significado a cada uno de las ideas que se obtienen en cada uno de nuestros proyectos.

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