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Casa Mérida

Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

Casa Mérida is a single family house project located in the historic center of Mérida, a few blocks away from its main central square, in its colonial area. Mérida is the capital of Yucatán, but also the capital of the Mayan culture, Yucatán representing a large part of the mexican mayan territory.

Casa Mérida 是一個單戶住宅案例,位於梅里達的歷史中心,距離其主要中央廣場僅幾個街區,位於其殖民區。梅里達是尤卡坦的首都,也是瑪雅文化的首都,尤卡坦代表了墨西哥瑪雅領土的很大一部分。

When entering for the first time on site, something memorable was the unique proportion of the plot, which is a broken rectangle of 80 meters long X 8 meters wide, looking like a big lane.

Here came the one and only idea of the project : to preserve this 80 meters perspective, as a straight line,

crossing the entire plot from the entrance door until the ending point, where the swimming pool is located ; Inserting back the traditional air flow cooling concept as a starting point.

第一次進入現場時,印象深刻的是地塊的獨特比例,這是一個長80米×寬8米的破碎矩形,看起來像一條大車道。這是該項目唯一的想法:為了保留這 80 米的視角,作為一條直線,從入口穿過整個地塊,直到游泳池所在的終點;重新導入傳統的空氣對流冷卻概念作為起點。

To physically disconnect Casa Mérida from the city, the layout has been modified by switching the social area with the backyard area ; sending the living room, kitchen and swimming pool to the end of the land, futhermore the most quiet area where the noise of the street doesn't reach you anymore ; in order to bring the functional backyard to the front, to use it as a buffer on the city.

為了在實體上將 Casa Mérida 與城市分開,通過將社交區域與後院區域切換來修改佈局;把客廳、廚房和游泳池送到土地的盡頭,此外,這裡是最安靜的區域,您再也聽不到街道的噪音;為了帶來前面的功能後院,用為與城市的緩衝區。

The outdoor spaces got integrated as part of the inner space, vanishing the classical border between in and out, increasing the visual depth in order to create a more generous amplitude sensation of the volumes. The purpose of this house is to make disappear our urban daily references from México city, where we live behind our large glass window apartments, to foment an outdoor life, in which the house is breaking the basic concept of the facade ; the house does not enclose people, it stays open and breathes permanently, while providing the essential feeling of protection and privacy. Casa Mérida is inverting the classical scheme of the house with its garden, to create a singular habitable

garden with its house.

室外空間被整合為內部空間的一部分,消失了傳統進出邊界,增加視覺深度以創造更寬大的幅度體積的感覺。這所房子的目的是讓我們生活在墨西哥城的習以為常的城市概念消失,在那裡我們住在我們的大玻璃窗公寓後面,以營造戶外生活,在這種生活中,房子打破了立面的基本概念;房子不圍住人,它保持開放和永久呼吸,同時提供基本的保護和隱私感。Casa Mérida 將房子的傳統方案與花園顛倒,創造一個獨特的宜居花園和它的房子

The wasted water system also got disconnected from the one of the city, using a biodigester to treat the dirty water and generate watering for the garden. The full cycle from pumping to regenerating without letting the city in charge of our wasted water was now completed. The last point was the electricity, resolved by using obvious but proper technologies, such as solar boilers to warm the water, as well as solar panels to cover the rest of the needs in electricity.


The construction is reaching a 90% made on site, with local materials and built exclusively by yucatec masons and carpinters, a sort of modern reinterpretation of what could mean vernacular architecture. Made of massive materials which do not require special treatments or maintenance, accepting ageing and time as part of the architecture process, the house has been conceptualized to end up one day covered by a new coat of materiality : a layer of patina.

該建築達到了 90% 的現場建造,使用當地材料,完全由尤卡坦的泥瓦匠和木匠建造,這是對鄉土建築的現代重新詮釋。這座房子由不需要特殊處理或維護的大量材料製成,接受老化和時間作為建築過程的一部分,被概念化為有一天會被一層新的物質覆蓋:一層銅綠。