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The tide of “Reentering to Little Town” ——a story about a project taking place in a corner of Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province——has brought opportunities of venture to the young people. Several entrepreneurs who were congenial to each other have found a Movable-type Printing plant which was built in the 1950s in Dushan County. After the communication and negotiation with local governors, they decided to keep these plant buildings in the original street blocks. Meanwhile, they invited FON STUDIO, by the introduction of design, to activate the surviving “old buildings” from the process of high-speed housing removal movement, and to remodel those buildings into a diverse forms of space——including dining space, reading space, public activity space, all of which helps provide high-quality service for the local people and those who come from afar.

“重返小城” 的浪潮給許多年輕人帶來新的創業機遇,此項目正是在貴州黔南州一隅發生的故事。

幾位志趣相投的創業者在被三個世界級景區圍繞的獨山縣城發現了建於50年代的活字印刷廠,通過和當地管理者的溝通,他們決定將此處廠房保留在原有街區,同時邀請FON STUDIO,通過設計的介入,啟動這個在高速拆遷中保留下的“老建築”,改造為餐飲、閱讀、公共活動等豐富的空間業態,為本地居民以及遠行至此的朋友提供優質服務。

There are 6 buildings around the original plant area, which are planned to be reconstructed by different stages. Depot A and Depot B to be reconstructed in the first phase are located in the core areas, which serve as spaces for reception, dining, reading as well as painting.

原有廠區共大小建築6座,計畫分期改造。首期開工的 A 庫與B庫位於核心區域,作為接待,餐飲、閱讀及繪本空間。住宿、產品研發等專案將在後期進行。

Depot A: Comprehensive Service Space

As the first visual focus caught people’s eyes in the process of entering into Depot A, the main door which present an elongated rectangular structural opening would lead visitors into the interior space. At first, on the premise of keeping its original brick-wood structure texture the main space was intended to be designed in an orderly interweaving way considering both space and function. As for the integration and separation among different space forms, the designer attempted to create an open sense of ventilation and light penetration so that visitors could enjoy the refined lighting condition indoors and see the tranquil scenery outdoors. The story between these old buildings and the people begins as they sojourn here.



Old bricks, wood texture, cement, and black steel are dancing together in the flowing space, along the “white box”, merging together under the immense wood structural roof. Partial interlayer extends functions of the ground floor , and simultaneously unfolds the longitudinal space order. The wooden steps in “book bar” area, along with the movable display racks, can be combined and arranged freely and ideally to satisfy different functions.


Depot B: Picture Gallery of Nature

The flexibility of inner penetration of light structural arc and cascaded structural opening in Depot B establishes a children’s activity space mainly for reading and painting. Entering into the space, visitors will see a bright castle into which blocks rising one after another juxtapose with arches of various sizes. The fluid traffic flow in the space which presents an image of innocent children runs back and forth, adding various interests of using experience. The color of interior texture is wood grain combined with pure white, offering a bright and hospitable experiencing environment which is sharply different from the crude neighborhood so that people can stay here leisurely and enjoyably.



The enclosure of semi-open space and the reservation of open space on both sides of the “flow curve” provide a platform for children to communicate and play. Children’s precious curiosity and innocent words are colliding over the little and lovely place, sowing the seeds of ideas and thoughts. The pictures offers a world which can deliver and spread myriad imaginations and impressions, and the design team hopes that after reconstruction of the space, all the adults and children can get into the space, experiencing more possibilities.