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Tree-ness House

Akihisa Hirata

Savage hierarchical structure

It is a complex building of houses and galleries built in Toshima-ku., Tokyo.In one tree, different parts are organically coexisting, such as trunks, branches, and leaves. Here, as well as those relationship,boxes, pleated windows, are hierarchically combined to create the regions where one tree creates in the air, I tried to create <tangle tab> where ambiguous inner and outer boundaries.


這是一座建於東京豊島区的住宅和畫廊的綜合建築。在一棵樹上,不同的部分有機地共存,例如樹幹、樹枝和樹葉。在這裡,除了那些關係,盒子,打褶的窗戶,被分層組合以創建一棵樹在空中創建的區域,我試圖創建 <纏繞標記> 模糊的內部和外部邊界。

Box, pleat, plant

The box is an RC structure of room size, considering the mutual relationship of the rooms, stacking up while creating an appropriate overlap, the whole structure including a three-dimensional void is created.

Next, a pleated window is placed in the box. The pleats is made of a single continuous surface with the inner wall and fused with the box by placing concrete by casting factory welded iron plate as a permanent form .



The space inside and outside is agitated, and a comfortable place of the body scale is generated.

Place the plants around the pleats. With lightweight soil with high water retentivity enclosed in pleats, plants can be maintained only by rainwater. Plants adapted to the microclimate of various places like the mountain vegetation are arranged.


Otherness of tangling

Box sets, pleats, plants originally have different characters. However, it seems that combining them in a hierarchical way will create an organic whole. It is a hierarchical structure that can be described as [[plant / pleats] / box].



Rather than a self-similar hierarchical structure called a fractal but a "wild hierarchical structure" that can be done by hierarchically learning others who have different characters.

Like waking up the wilds of human, to create an architecture that is highly spatial, lively <tangle tab>.


Tree-ness House was realized over 8 years due to the influence of the great earthquake and change of conditions. However, the idea to make a hierarchical structure of others and wild in an architecture proposed for the first time in this project is realized without losing freshness and casts possibilities for future architecture.