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Box House

Tiago Sousa

A rehabilitation project always represents the conflict between the memory of past experiences and the urges of contemporary living. The existing volume has a singular configuration - rigid in shape and rudely built, similar to the typical Minho house. It’s a building that intimately relates to the site where it is located, a kind of unsophisticated but charming rural “plaza”.

復元專案總是代表過去經歷的記憶與當代生活衝撞之間的衝突。 現有的造型具有獨特的配置——形狀僵硬且建造粗魯,類似於典型的 Minho 房屋。 這是一座與其所在場地息息相關的建築,一種質樸但迷人的鄉村“廣場”。

In this context, we propose a new and contemporary volume, with the intention to cause contradicting feelings to the observer. It explores the balance and tension between the existing and the proposed form. Its colour, materialization, shape and position, cause a purposeful distinction between the “old and the new”.

在這種情況下,我們提出了一個新的現代的造型,目的是給觀察者帶來矛盾的感覺。 它探討了現有形式和提案形式之間的平衡和張力。 它的顏色、物化、形狀和位置,造成了“新舊”之間有目的的區分。

The purpose of this project is to a single-family house. The program is developed in two levels - social spaces on the lower floor, two bedrooms, and a bathroom on the upper floor.

這個專案的目的是建造一個獨戶住宅。 該案分為兩個層次——下層的社交空間、兩間臥室和上層的一間浴室。

On the lower floor, the kitchen, dining, and living room are organized from north to south in sequence. The ample space is organized both by a central enclosed storage volume (protecting the kitchen’s work area) and by the stairs that access the upper floor. These stairs present themselves as an ornamental element, with their fluid and curvilinear design. It is a sculptural piece in concrete and wood that separates the dining from the living space. The upper floor is divided into two bedrooms and a bathroom. One on the north elevation and the other on the south, both rooms are symmetrical, with the same dimensions, respecting the constant symmetry of the plan.

在較低的樓層,廚房、餐廳和客廳從北到南依次排列。 寬敞的空間由中央封閉存儲空間(保護廚房的工作區)和通往上層的樓梯組織起來。 這些樓梯以其流暢的曲線設計呈現為一種裝飾元素。 這是一件用混凝土和木材製成的雕塑作品,將餐廳與生活空間分開。 上層分為兩間臥室和一間浴室。 一個在北立面,另一個在南立面,兩個房間都是對稱的,具有相同的尺寸,尊重平面的恆定對稱性。

All of these spaces: bedrooms, bathroom, and storage are closed and independent. For this reason and with the intention of simplifying the interior, we cover with natural wood cladding (“sapelly”) both walls and doors in order to create more uniform and abstract surfaces. Even the frame and handles of doors are unnoticeable in this cladding.

所有這些空間:臥室、浴室和儲藏室都是封閉而獨立的。 出於這個原因,為了簡化室內設計,我們在牆壁和門上都覆蓋了天然木材覆層(“sapelly”),以創造更統一和抽象的表面。 在這種覆層中,即使是門的框架和把手也不引人注意。

Without any expansion to the original footprint, the program is organized within the remaining boundaries, assuming the existing relationship between interior and exterior. The living space flows outside through a wide glass surface granted by another horizontal concrete element that simultaneously controls the intensity of sunlight. It is important to understand the character of any site in order to design and organize any coherent project.

在沒有對原始建築進行任何擴展的情況下,該案在剩餘的邊界內進行重整,假設內部和外部之間存在現有關係。 生活空間通過一個寬闊的玻璃表面向外流動,該表面由另一個水平混凝土元素賦予,同時控制陽光的強度。 為了設計和組織任何連貫的項目,了解任何點位的特徵非常重要。