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São Pedro 27

Pereira Miguel Arquitectos

Like so many other buildings in Portugal, this has been a ruin for decades.


Located in the nº 27 of square Largo 1º de Dezembro in São Pedro, Sintra, a world heritage village with a mountain full of Palaces, Castle, Convents, and other natural marvels. This small building was completely renovated to accommodate two tourist apartments.

位於辛特拉聖佩德羅的 Largo 1º de Dezembro 廣場 27 號,這是一個世界遺產村莊,山上遍布宮殿、城堡、修道院和其他自然奇觀。 這座小建築經過全面翻新,可容納兩組旅遊公寓。

Its architectural and landscape surroundings make it perfectly integrated into the historic setting and serene environment of Sintra.


We have believed from the outset in its unique location and peculiar features, such as the small back courtyards lying over a large green area of shrubs and trees. The project sought a solution of continuity, maintaining all original aspects, with a division of two independent dwellings, in the ground floor and first floor, and the use of the attic for housing purposes, increasing the height at the middle but maintaining the edge.


The courtyards have been restored and cleaned for an outdoor experience of all surrounding natural environment.


The story of this building is the story of the village, a place full of history and with a great potential for renovation. We hope that our small contribution can add to this generalized re-qualification of the public and private space.

這座建築的故事就是村莊的故事,一個充滿歷史和改造潛力的地方。 我們希望我們的小貢獻可以增加對公共和私人空間的普遍重新界定。