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Kampoong In House

Ismail Solehudin Architecture

Knowing that the client once lives in a high-density urban kampoong (village), we offer the client to have the same experiences in their new house. This house is inspired by the order of urban kampoong and the needs of green space which also be their interest.

知道客戶曾經住在一個高密度的城市甘榜(村莊),我們為客戶提供在他們的新房子裡有同樣的體驗。 這所房子的靈感來自甘榜城的秩序和綠色空間的需求,這也是他們的興趣。

The client’s experiences of living in an urban kampoong combined with the interest of green space have become our main idea for the design. We translate those issues into mass and plan design that fragmented the interior and exterior.

客戶在甘榜城的生活體驗與綠色空間的興趣相結合,成為我們設計的主要思想。 我們將這些問題轉化為分散內部和外部的體量和規劃設計。

Each mass is separated by void and green space, in the same time can increase microclimate with lightwell and pass air ventilation in this house. That strategy also increases social interaction between the residents from each room without interrupt any privacies.

每個區塊都被空隙和綠地隔開,同時可以通過光井增加微型氣候,並在這棟房子裡進行空氣通風。 該策略還增加了每個房間居民之間的社交互動,而不會打擾任何隱私。

The corridor that connect every bedroom not only use for pathway but can also support the resident to make social interaction as how they live in urban kampoong.


The first impression of this house is on the entrance area that represents the experience in urban kampoong as if messy various texture of material, skylight, green area and the wind that blows. From this area, we can see that the green area across is framed by an open plan main room. The Main room is side to side with green space at the stairs area and connecting corridor. Basically, the public area in this house is a shady outdoor space. Greens area are also applied to an exterior design by using some planter box facade at the front and back that is part of the bedroom.

這座房子的第一印象是在入口區域,它代表了在甘榜城的體驗,彷彿凌亂的各種質地的材料、天窗、綠地和吹來的風。 從這個區域,我們可以看到對面的綠色區域由一個開放式主房間構成。 主房間與樓梯區和連接走廊的綠色空間並排。 基本上,這所房子的公共區域是一個陰涼的室外空間。 綠色區域也通過在作為臥室一部分的前後使用一些種植箱立面來應用於外觀設計。

The client wants to have a big backyard for some family activities with the natural environment and we actualize it by a green area that framed by the main room. The needs of a big backyard make the placing of the mass focusing at the center. With only one mass that was fragmented its can be a solution for lighting and air circulation to every room, also can represent an urban kampong in house.

客戶想要一個大的後院,可以在自然環境中進行一些家庭活動,我們通過主房間框架的綠色區域來實現。 大後院的需要使質量集中在中心。 只有一個被分割的區塊,它可以成為每個房間的照明和空氣流通的解決方案,也可以代表室內的甘榜城。