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The hidden

Inly Studio

When privacy that matters, that why space was embraced


In addition of design a house located in the land of housing estate property in Chiangmai, Thailand. With the specific requirement of the owner that new settle, a sense of privacy is used as a tool to define a boundary and architecture language in this project.

此外,我們設計了一座位於泰國清邁的房產土地上的房子。 根據業主對新落成戶的具體要求,本案件以隱私感為工具定義界限和架構語言。

We forms the singularity of this project from the privacy that related directly with living quality follow the owner requirement, Area of all house define from double-wall skin, The primary white skin wall that embrace the whole space is set as fence for privacy and express to the street with this some symbolic element message but if we looking invert space,it no obvious wall line but show up how lively behind this fence wall .


In order to ensure flexibility in the first-floor living space show in transition and open plan system for serving the lively activity like kitchen living room and pool villa, Even though how emphatic wall frame the boundary system, but there are no separate of flow inside the house, The duplex level of the semi-living room is prepared for relaxing atmosphere, the intimacy of each function collecting by this design, that the reason for this house speaks in its own language.


Upper floor function defined the rhythm of the void of the wall, Solid wall related the privacy, even though the opening wall was considerate to not disrupt privacy behind, and because offset line of the second wall boundary take a gap between this two, Natural light can make a nice temperature atmosphere and vertical garden can be a panoramic view for upper floor also.

上層功能定義了牆體空隙的韻律,實體牆關係到私密性,即使開敞的牆體考慮到不破壞後面的私密性,並且由於第二面牆邊界的偏移線在這兩者之間形成了一個間隙,自然光 可以營造出良好的溫度氛圍,垂直花園也可以成為上層的全景。

The essence of the white form was compound with home essence by trim the curve and add some wooden element in some part, it seems all building hidden behind the wall but at the same time, that the way of embrace itself of this house.